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Whirlwind adds in-house embellishment

Printers looking to supply added value products to their clients now have a trusted trade partner to deliver just that, with Whirlwind installing the country’s

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5 finishes to make your business cards stand out

We’ve got the biggest business card range and we’re proud of it! In Australia, billions of sets are produced each year. They have been proven to be

About WhirlwindJuly 27, 2017

5 minutes with Sue

Sue looks after quality control and outsourcing here at Whirlwind in Melbourne. She loves doing her job well and helping others. Sue has been working

About WhirlwindJune 28, 2017

5 minutes with Annie

Meet Annie, our Receptionist! Annie has a sunshine energy and loves people. As well as being our Receptionist, Annie is also the Office Co-ordinator and is considered

About WhirlwindJune 7, 2017

5 minutes with Amy

Amy is our Customer Service Representative based in Melbourne. She’s been working at Whirlwind for 4 amazing (as she so eloquently put it!) years and

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PacPrint – the good, the great, the amazing

One way to stay ahead of your printing game is to make sure that when PacPrint roles into town you’re there! That’s what the team

About WhirlwindMarch 30, 2017

5 minutes with Graham

Graham is an Account Manager based in Sydney. He joined Whirlwind in 2015 and became an immediate firm favourite with his clients: He tied first

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20 classic and out of the ordinary spot UV applications.

Spot UV is in high demand! It’s a great, cost effective way to add embellishment to your design. Feast your eyes on this selection of

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10 of the best business cards that make the cut.

In this design inspiration post, we’re showcasing 10 unique slim and square business cards. Better yet, we’ve asked our expert design team to give you

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Safe as houses.

We put a lot of effort into producing top quality print for you and your clients, so we want to make sure it’s delivered in